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A Beginners Guide to Hair Transplant in Calgary: Cost, FUE, Before/After

before and after hair transplant surgery

Your hair isn’t going to stick around forever, and there are some of you reading this in Canada (likely the majority) who are already dealing with thinning hair. If you’re okay with biting the bullet and shaving your head completely, there’s no need to be so hasty – more people are turning towards getting a hair transplant in Calgary, and it isn’t by sheer coincidence.

This isn’t just a surgery that’s designed strictly for men, as plenty of women have to deal with thinning hair or hair growth issues at some point throughout their lives. Some of these professionals techniques can be minimally invasive to help anxious patients deal with the process.

hair transplant people

Whether you’re trying to figure out your hair plans for the future, or need some guidance in regards to what you can do right now, this article is going to cover the basics about getting a hair transplant. The stigma behind this process is growing smaller with every passing year, and now a lot of individuals look at getting a hair transplant as a typical thing to do.

How Many People Are Affected by Hair Loss in Canada?

The average person is going to lose approximately 100 hairs daily, and although they tend to grow back, few customers will find it harder than others. Millions of people are dealing with hair loss, and who can blame them? There’s no honor in sporting a head of thinning hair or bald patches, especially if you’re worried about finding hair transplant solutions. You don’t have to curl up in a ball and cry yourself to sleep these days, as there are plenty of medical treatments available to help treat and reverse hair loss!

How Does the Hair Transplantation Process Work?

There are two main types of state-of-the-art hair transplant in Calgary, Alberta to consider getting, both of which are met with relative success. Customers have been getting hair transplants ever since the 1950s, which just goes to show you how crazy certain hair transplant patients can get when it comes to their hair – a lack of technology wasn’t going to stop them. The two most common types of hair transplant to consider getting would be:

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Before and After FUE Hair Transplant

fue hair transplant

When you choose the FUE hair transplant (Follicular Unit Extraction) method, the clinic is going to extract your hair follicles individually using what they call a “microneedle”. You don’t have to go through a skin graft when you choose to go down this route, so stitches are not required afterward. A patient will have follicles are taken and transplanted into areas that show signs of thinning hair/bald patches. This method is a lot more common than FUT these days, and it also allows the patient to recover much quicker.

Before and After FUT Hair Transplant

fut hair transplant

FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation) is a bit older in an age when compared to the FUE way of doing things. Instead of taking out individual follicles, the clinic is going to graft an entire strip of healthy skin from your scalp (usually from the back of the head, just above the neckline). This strip is then taken and split up into hundreds (and sometimes thousands) of follicular grafts, which can then be used to replace bald patches or thin areas. Each of these follicular grafts can consist of one hair at times, but often have multiple to work with. This procedure is also going to leave you with a nasty hair transplant scar, one that many clients (like Joe Rogan!) wear with pride.

How Long Will My Hair Transplant Last?

Although a lot of you reading this may be ready to jump into hair transplantation surgery, you’ve got to do your due diligence beforehand. Those of you who want the “one and done” treatment will be much better off if you go to the right hair transplant clinic, preferably one that has had a lot of success in the past with other patients.

Once you’ve taken the hair follicles from your donor site you’re going to notice your “new hairline” immediately. There have been instances where a patient has reported their transplanted hairs falling out about two to six weeks later. We understand that can be frustrating, but it can take a few months before your transplanted hairs grow at a permanent rate. Studies have shown that 6 months (to a full year) is the sweet spot for seeing if your transplanted hair has completely settled, and is ready to grow as long as you’d like.

Hair restoration is no longer looked at as a dangerous procedure to go through, especially if you’re getting it done by somebody who knows what they’re doing. After a little bit of recovery and some styling, your self-esteem is going to come back in no time at all – the best part about it is that you’ll likely never lose your transplanted hairs again.

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Where Can I Get Hair Transplantation Surgery?

Even as a patient, some people think that hair transplant surgery is strictly reserved for balding men (and not women)but that isn’t the case at all. Researching the proper process to use in a hair transplant for women can seem tough at times, and that leads some of you to get frustrated and just give up the search. You can’t get the help you seek if you aren’t willing to do a bit of research!

Thankfully, we’re here to make it easy on everybody – even if you’re looking to get a hair transplant for eyebrows, odds are there will be an optimal hair transplant team out there for you (hair plugs tend to work miracles).

before and after hair transplant surgery

There are plenty of online resources that allow you to find the best plastic surgeon in your local area, and from there you can just pick using personal preference. You can’t just take what they have to say at face value for the most part, especially since hair transplant surgery isn’t exactly the cheapest thing in the world. Places like VitalBar make it much easier to find a plastic surgeon you’ll have success with, but keeping an eye out for these positive traits is something we also highly recommend!

The next time you’re wondering “where can I find a hair transplant near me?”, just remember that VitalBar can connect you with local beauty clinics, medispas, and other treatment options all at once.

What Makes a Hair Restoration Clinic “Good”?

Affordable Pricing (Hair Transplant Cost)

Hair transplant cost doesn’t have to be the determining factor, but it definitely has to be considered before you commit to a specific surgeon. Hair transplant surgery is not something you want to cheap out on, especially if you can afford a high-quality service anyways. For some of you reading this, paying for the “best service possible” just isn’t a realistic option, so you’ve always got to try and gauge whether a surgeon is worth the money. Take their rates and compare them to some of the other surgeons currently on the market and see how they stack up against the competition!

Quality Reviews

Any hair transplantation procedure that is worth its weight in gold will have some sort of reviews for you to look at. Whether you heard of them traveling through Toronto or through an amazing online resource like VitalBar checking what previous clients have to say about their service can tell you a lot. You’ll be able to get a personal feel for the surgeon without leaving the comfort of your home! Any surgeon that is willing to walk you through the process of getting a hair transplant step-by-step is ultimately what you want, so scour those reviews and see what the people are saying.

Samples of “Previous Work”

The best hair restoration clinics are going to have a portfolio of work to go alongside their expert advice, as people want to see what their surgeon is capable of doing. By showing you other successful hair transplants they’ve conducted in the past, you’re going to go in with a lot more confidence – having a high level of confidence in both your hair restoration clinic and the procedure itself is a necessity. If you have even a sliver of doubt that the surgeon isn’t going to produce results, ask them for samples of their previous work and judge them as you feel fit. The best hair transplant is one you’re confident in!

How Much Does a Hair Transplant in Calgary Cost?

The price is going to vary based on how serious your needs happen to be and what your surgeon has to say about the matter. Sometimes you’re going to require more grafts, and as a result, have to pay a bit more money. The only way that you’ll be able to know how much your hair transplant surgery is going to cost for sure is by using VitalBar to connect with some of the best plastic and cosmetic surgeons in the area. ARTAS in Toronto is one of the more popular places to go, and it can cost more as a result.

A “rough estimate” of how much it’s going to cost would be about $10,000, although the prices will typically range between $7,000 – $14,000.

Hair Transplant Calgary: Is There a Difference Between Hair Loss in Men & Women?

hair loss men and women

Men and women are both capable of dealing with severe levels of hair loss, and that’s why getting hair transplant surgery can be so important. A hair transplant for women has been looked at as a savior of sorts since society always wants women to be known for their long and luxurious hair. They can even get a hair transplant for eyebrows! Whether you just want your old head of hair back or don’t want to be known as the “bald lady”, using VitalBar can help you become one of those viral hair transplants before and after photos.

Hair Transplant Calgary: The Treacherous Signs of Balding

Balding can be a difficult process to deal with, and some of you are likely guilty of using coping mechanisms to do so. If you think that you’re free from the wrath of baldness, think again. If you are reading this article as a way to laugh at those who are less fortunate when it comes to hair, watch out for these symptoms yourself.


  1. A receding hairline that starts at the front of your head, and slowly progresses backward over time
  2. Thinning hair at the top of your head is also an issue, although it’s the most “common” place to start thinning first
  3. Your temples will begin to show signs of thinning, as well as the back of your head; this is known as a crown (or vertex)
norwood balding scale


  1. Women will usually notice that they’re thinning on top of their heads, but not at the sides
  2. Women may also notice that their “part” is widening and beginning to thin
  3. All-around thinning is something that many women dealing with hair loss have reported

There isn’t a massive difference when it comes to men and women balding, so try and look at it like a battle that needs to be fought alongside each other. Men and women can both be hair transplant patients! Whether you’re a woman or man doesn’t matter, as using hair restoration techniques is still a step in the right direction. Conquering your self esteem issues doesn’t have to seem impossible, and you can start the journey back to your normal self using expert hair loss solutions in Calgary AB.

Additional Causes of Hair Loss

Sometimes you aren’t going bald according to your genetics, as most people would blame it on their parents (or somewhere down the line in their family). Alopecia is arguably the most popular diagnosis given to people dealing with hair loss, but some of the other ones to look out for would be:

  • Alopecia areata
  • Tinea capitis
  • Nutritional deficiency
  • Hypo/Hyperthyroidism

Always be sure to consult with your physician in Alberta if you feel like you may be losing your hair due to one of the ailments we’ve listed above. you might not even need a hair transplant – you might just need medical treatment!

Losing Your Hair? You Don’t Have to Be

Losing your hair is not only going to melt away your self-esteem, but it’s also going to prevent you from getting your best look possible. Even if you’re able to rock a bald head without any issues, you’re never going to be attractive as you are with a full head of hair. It’s a bit harsh, but it’s the truth!


Thankfully, you don’t have to worry about your hair loss issues any longer, as you can just sign up for Vitalbar today.

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