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BRAVA Breast Enhancement System (Explained)

BRAVA Breast Enhancement System (Explained)

Many women undergo breast augmentation. Breast augmentation is a surgical procedure that involves increasing the size, shape or fullness of the breast. Breast augmentation is done to restore the shape and symmetry that might have been lost due to pregnancy, breastfeeding and weight loss. It is mostly known as cosmetic surgery, but it can be a medical surgery, especially for breast cancer patients.

Breast enhancement is a standard procedure, but there are risks involved. With the use of implants, it becomes necessary to undergo surgery to have a fuller breast. There are safer methods of enhancing the breast called ‘fat grafting’. Fat grafting allows the breast to look naturally fuller without the massive implants. However, fat grafting may not be successful if the size of the breast is too small to hold the fats. Since the fats that are grafted needs room to stay, the place needs to be more significant.

With the advancement of technology, there are products that allow fat grafting at large volumes. One such product is the Brava Natural breast enhancement. This product expands the breast skin or tissues before breast surgery that involves fat grafting at large volumes.

What is Brava breast enhancement system?

As stated before, Brava is a product specifically designed to create room for large-volume fats by expanding the tissues and skin of the breasts naturally. It is a soft gel-like bra in the shape of a dome with silicone rims that adheres to the breast and acts as the external breast expander. These dome-shaped gels are held together by a mesh bra.

Dr.Roger Khouri created the product ‘Brava’ with the intent of a more comfortable and safer way of enhancing the breasts. Whether a person wants a cosmetic procedure or reconstruction, Brava enables the person to have the desired shape or fullness by preparing the breast for micro-fat grafting.

How does Brava work?

Brava looks like a sports bra. It has silicones that are dome-shaped which acts as the natural breast enhancer. It has a microprocessor called the ‘smart box’ installed in it which records and keeps track of the performance and action.

Once the domes are placed on the breast, it starts pulling the breast tissues and expands it. This method is called tissue expansion. With the expansion, the breast enlarges, and the normal density of the tissue is loosened. With the inset loosening, the breast tissue is ready to hold the fats that will be grafted in it.

This device must be worn for 10 hours a day for about 10 weeks prior to the micro fat grafting. If the user skips a day, it must be worn additionally for another week.

How to use Brava?

Brava is worn after correctly measuring the breast size. The patient is then provided with the correct size of the Brava breast enhancing system. It is to be worn for 10 hours per day and the amount of suction on the must may vary from high to low depending on the instruction of the doctor. Most doctors do recommend using the Brava at night since the body has less motion and so the device may actually work better.

What is the importance of using Brava?

With fat grafting being the key here, the breast pockets need to have enough space to occupy the fats. In some cases, a breast can have little to no area for the fats to stay, and this is when Brava helps the breast tissues to expand while creating room for the fats.

Therefore the most crucial point of using Brava is to open up the tissues gradually and allow the fats to live in the breast without undergoing any surgery.

The micro-fat grafting is followed after using the brava for 10 weeks. This grafting does not take time, but it does require craftsmanship. Therefore it is vital to consult a good doctor to perform the micro grafting.

What are the benefits of this system?

  1. Cost-effective

It is cost-effective because it costs half the price of a breast augmentation procedure and gets the job done pretty well.

  1. No surgery involved

Since fat grafting is done, there are no cuts made on the breasts. This means there is less pain, and it enables the patient to heal quicker.

  1. No implants

There is no foreign object inserted in the body, and so it is safe and secure. Since there are no implants involved, the patient does not need to worry about changing the implants in years to come.


  1. Time-consuming

Prior to fat grafting, it will take about 10 weeks to prepare the breast to hold the fat. This takes up time and can be inconvenient in terms of efficiency.

  1. Not FDA approved

This system claims to be safe. But there have been no complaints about any injuries or side-effects. However, it is not FDA approved, and so it can be a little concerning.

  1. The need to be consistent

If the user misses or skips using the Brava system for a day, it is to be worn for an additional week. This can be very annoying and can ruin the possibilities of breast enlargement.

Fat grafting

After wearing the Brava breast enhancing system for 10 weeks, the breasts are ready to be injected with fats from the desired area of the body. The fats are removed by gentle liposuction from the thigh, butt cheeks, stomach or arm. These fats are then injected into the breasts, creating a fuller looking breast.

Since the fat is from the user’s body, it is safer and reduces the chance of any infection. Foreign objects like silicone implants can be risky, cumbersome and also unsafe for the body.

The fat grafting (autologous fat transfer) has reached a certain height of popularity in recent years. With the introduction of Brava, this method has been very successful lately.


There are so many ways to enhance the breast, but it can be risky or involve going under the- knife. Brava increases the chance of successful fat grafting. It helps create a pocket in the breast area and expands the breast tissues so that the fat can have a place to stay.

This device can be little time consuming, but the idea of getting a fuller breast without implants is actually fantastic. It also has added bonuses like being pain-free, quick healing and longevity.

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