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Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation Toronto (UPDATED)

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Everybody wants to look attractive. Therefore, in order to do so, many people turn to great lengths to make sure that they remain looking good. There are many ways in which you can maintain your appearance. Some try natural ways to maintain their beauty, others turn to quicker and more permanent solutions to ensure that they still look good even after their prime.

Breast augmentation is one method which people turn to in order to uplift their breasts and maintain the fitness of their chests. Breast augmentation is a method in which surgeons collect fat from various parts of the body in order to inject it into the breasts. This uplifts the breast and also enhances it.

Many people don’t know that the breast augmentation is actually a much safer method than others. It can address the shape, size and asymmetry in a way that it looks very natural. The results are also very effective and can be relied upon. So, if you’re interested in getting a fat transfer or grafting breast augmentation then there are a few things which you need to know. You can learn more about breast augmentation via fat transfer in this post, so read on!

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Fat Grafting Breast Augmentation Toronto – What You Should Know?  

As we’ve mentioned, breast augmentation via fat transfer is a much safer method than say, breast implants. This is because, unlike the silicon impacts used in breast implants, in breast augmentation, fat from other parts of your body like legs, stomach or some other part of your body, is transferred onto your breast.

It efficiently lowers the risk of complications that occur when you use silicon implants. There’s always a risk of the implants leaking or getting raptures. Additionally, there’s also a chance of the implants not being positioned correctly which often leads to discomfort and other complications such as changes in the shape of the breast and nipples.

However, if you go for fat transfer breast augmentation then you’re eliminating these health risks. Surgeons are able to address the shape and symmetry of your breasts, making them look and feel more natural. Additionally, by opting to get breast augmentation through fat transfer, you’re actually getting two medical procedures in one!

Yes, what basically happens is that you get rid of fat in places of your body where you don’t really need them and instead inject them into your breasts. As we’ve mentioned, because the fat transferred is from your body alone, there is no chance of your body rejecting anything. It’s a very safe procedure- we can’t stress that enough! It is also very minimal in terms of invasiveness and the surgery is also actually very soft. There won’t be a drastic change in your appearance either so it’ll look more natural as well.

Best of all, in this kind of fat transfer breast augmentation does not require a lot of recovery time either so you don’t have to worry about taking a long break from work or other commitments either. Now, if this is enough to convince you to get this kind of breast augmentation, then we highly recommend contacting our surgeons so they can guide you on the best course of action. However, if you want to know more about the surgery process itself, carry on reading!

Brava Breast Enhancement System

The Brava autologous fat transfer system is the technology used to transfer large amounts of fat from your body onto your breasts. It targets specific areas of your breasts as well and often times people dealing with some form of deformity such the congenital breast deformity make use of this. It’s also used to hide scars and, many people, use it as a more natural method of breast enhancement.

Fat transfer has been used to enhance various body parts for many years now and the Brava AFT system focuses on fat transfer into the breasts alone. What basically happens is that two domes, made of polyurethane, are fit around the breasts. These domes depend on how big you would like your breasts to be. These domes are worn a few weeks prior to the surgery. Their job is to make sure that there’s a negative pressure around your breasts so that the breast tissues expands so there’s more space for the fat.

This allows surgeons to inject fat into your breasts rather than operating on them. It also helps to determine the parts of your breasts where more fat can be transferred to give them a more natural and fuller look. Depending on how big your breasts will be, patients must wear these domes, more commonly known as the Brava device, up to six hours each day.

Once your surgeon has deemed that the expansion process is exactly how they want it to be, they’ll perform the augmentation. The next step will be performing liposuction from the parts of your body where you’re going to take your fat from. The unwanted will be taken out and prepared in syringes so that they can be injected into the breasts. These syringes have very small needles and small amounts of fat are transferred so that it looks more natural.

Once this has happened, you will be wearing another Brava device, this time for compression of your breasts so that everything is perfectly adjusted to your body. While your breasts will take two to three weeks to heal, the body parts which underwent liposuction will take a bit longer to heal. The final healing process shall take about two months. However, you don’t really need any extensive rest to heal. You just need to be careful about recovering.

Fat Grafting Toronto Cost

Depending on how much liposuction is required and the time taken for the breast augmentation surgery, breast enhancement can cost anywhere between 2000 CAD to 5000 CAD. Additionally, liposuction costs around 7000 CAD and if you opt for HD Liposuction then that costs about 7500 CAD. You should contact the surgery for an exact idea of the amount of money you’ll be spending on the breast augmentation. If you need breast augmentation via fat transfer in Toronto, see VitalBar Toronto for a free consultation.

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