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Best Hair Transplant in Vancouver: Cost, FUE, Before/After.

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If there is one thing about hair loss, it does not discriminate. Men and women suffer equally from androgenic alopecia and male pattern baldness more than you can imagine. Getting a hair transplant has become pretty standard in Vancouver, Toronto, and elsewhere. According to one data, Canada holds the fourth place in the Global Hair Transplant Market after places such as North America. This shows that the number of people undergoing hair transplants is a good number.

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But unless you have experience undergoing a hair transplant, it can be overwhelming. Everything from how the treatment will look, the downtime, and where to get the procedure can be pretty confusing. And of course, the cost of getting a hair transplant surgery can be pressing.

If you are considering getting a hair transplant, this post about hair transplants in Vancouver is for you. We have tried to cover every pertinent topic and even answered frequently asked questions! Here’s everything you need to know about the best hair transplant in Vancouver, the cost, and many more.

Let’s first tackle the cost of getting a hair transplant.

Hair Transplant Cost

The cost of hair transplantation surgery depends on a number of factors. This is true for hair transplant in Vancouver, BC. The factors include:

The number of grafts.

The number of grafts that you will need is one of the key factors that determine the hair restoration costs. Typically, the plastic surgeon will make an assessment of the area on the scalp that needs the treatment. After the recipient area is determined, the number of grafts is calculated.

The cost per graph will vary from one location to the other. In addition, the cost per graph varies according to clinics. However, it can be anywhere from $5 to $8/graft in Vancouver, British Columbia.

The number of hair strands.

The number of hair strands is also another factor that determines the cost. Hair surgeons typically assess the affected area and drill the hair follicles. The doctor calculates the number of hair strands or follicles necessary to cover the affected area of the scalp in terms of units.

The methods of hair transplantation surgery.

Another important cost determinant is the method of hair transplant surgery you choose. Two common methods of hair transplants available are:

  • FUE Hair transplant – This method is more labor-intensive and is also more expensive. Doctors transplants hair individually, which requires a lot of time
  • FUT Hair transplant – This method of hair transplantation is a little less expensive than FUE. Here, hair grafting is carried out in a large strip from the donor site. This is also why FUT is known as strip harvesting.

The expertise of the hair surgeon.

When it comes to hair transplant surgery, doctors with extensive experience tend to charge more. On the other hand, hair surgeons with less experience are more affordable. However, it is best to consider paying a little extra for expert hair restoration. It is because the results of whether you get a full head of hair or not will depend on the procedure as well as the doctor’s experience.

The technology used in the surgery.

The type of technology employed in hair restoration surgery varies significantly among hair transplant clinics. In this regard, the method of hair transplantation that you choose will decide the technology the doctors use. In addition, the reputation of hair transplant clinics, as well as the doctor’s experience, also becomes a factor.

The number of sittings required.

Another cost factor concerning hair transplantation is the number of settings or sessions required. Most hair transplant clinics charge hair restoration treatment according to the number of grafts or hair. On the other hand, some hair transplant clinics will charge by the number of sittings required to achieve a full head of hair.


The location of the hair treatment clinics is another important factor that determines the cost of hair restoration. If you get the surgery in your own city, the cost can be relatively low. On the other hand, if you need to travel to locations outside of British Columbia for the hair transplant, the cost will be significantly higher.

Insurance costs.

Many hair transplant clinics today have insurance for hair transplant surgeries. However, insurance coverage and the overall costs can vary from one hair treatment center to the other. This is very similar to the fact that every clinic has a different privacy policy. In addition, the idea of having access to insurance for hair restoration surgery can be tempting to blow your budget then you normally would. So it’s best to sit down for a one-on-one consultation and also exercise caution about your budget.

Next, let’s talk about the most common method of hair transplant surgery in 2020, i.e., FUE hair transplant.

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What is FUE Hair Transplant?

FUE hair transplant or follicular unit extraction/excision is the most common method of hair transplantation in Vancouver. This method of hair transplant costs higher than FUT in British Columbia. However, the results of a hair transplant are also significantly better. Of course, the final result of the surgery will vary among different hair transplant patients.

In the FUE hair transplant technique, the doctor removes individual hair follicles from the donor site of the client’s head. This is after the doctor map out the area on the scalp that needs the new follicular units. After the extraction, the follicular units are transplanted individually. This makes FUE hair transplant very labor-intensive. Moreover, FUE requires the use of state of the art instrument and tools. In addition, the FUE technique of hair surgery requires extensive training to acquire the proper skills. These factors drive up the overall cost of FUE hair transplant surgeries.

Despite its price tag, FUE is the most common of the two hair restoration techniques. It is because this hair transplant procedure has several benefits that make the surgery worth every penny. These benefits include:

No linear scarring.

A big advantage of this method of transplantation surgery is that it leaves no linear scarring. This means that you won’t have to bear unsightly scars in your hairline long after the surgery, and the healing time is over. FUE surgeries are, by default, less invasive and leave only a pit after the procedure. In addition, there is no need for a suture in FUE. In contrast, FUT or strip harvesting can leave linear scaring since the hairs are harvested in an invasive way.

Tiny scars in the recipient site, as well as the donor area on the scalp, is to be expected, though. But of course, you shouldn’t expect the clean-cut results of laser light therapy.

Faster recovery time.

One of the best advantages of the FUE procedure is the quick recovery time. Irrespective of whether the surgery is in your scalp or your nose, quick recovery time is a fantastic option. The quick recovery comes from the fact that it is non-invasive. This can be a fantastic option if you live an active life indulging in sports or similar.

Natural-looking results.

Another fantastic advantage of FUE hair is that the final hair transplant results look very natural. Since the hair follicles are individually plucked and transplanted, it results in very natural-looking hair in men and women. The hairline of the hair transplant patients does not look artificial, which was very common with the traditional hair transplant procedures.

Less discomfort.

FUE hair transplantation also does not involve a lot of discomfort or pain during or after the treatment. It comes from the non-invasive procedure and non-requirement of sutures. In addition, FUE does not pose the risk of potential nerve damage since the follicular units are individually harvested. Moreover, there are fewer chances of numbness or pain in the donor site, which is fantastic.

A great alternative to FUT.

In some hair transplant patients, the scalp can be too tight to carry out strip extraction or FUT. in such cases, FUE becomes the best possible option for patients. FUE makes it possible to harvest the hairs from areas such as the neck to use it on the hairline or somewhere else.

This all sounds great. But are there any drawbacks of FUE hair transplantation, you might ask? As excellent as the benefits of FUE are, it is not without its drawbacks. So we will talk about the drawbacks of FUE hair transplant surgery in this section.

Disadvantages of FUE hair transplant.

It is expensive.

One of the most significant differences between FUE and FUR hair transplant surgeries is the cost. FUE hair transplants are labor-intensive and require the use of the latest technology. In addition, this method of hair transplant is typically performed by highly skilled doctors. All of these factors kick up the overall cost of FUE hair transplant in Vancouver, BC.

It requires multiple sessions.

In addition to the FUE being labor-intensive, it requires multiple sessions/sittings. Hair transplant surgeons harvest and transplants hair follicles individually. Even the most skilled hair surgeon can transplant 1500 to 2000 hair follicles in one sitting. Since these will not be enough to cover a bald area in the head, multiple sessions become necessary for the best results.

Not suitable for all.

Despite the enviable natural-looking results of the FUE procedure, this type of hair transplant is not suitable for everyone. Any client that has a level of hair loss of about 50% on their head is not considered for the FUE hair transplant. This level of hair loss is classified as NW5. Moreover, this procedure may not work for those with NW6 and NW7 levels of hair loss. At this rate, more than 12,000 grafts need to be transplanted from the recipient site, which is a significant number.

Since the FUE procedure is best for those requiring transplants in smaller areas, it may not be suitable for all. However, the best way to know whether you can undergo an FUE transplant is through consultations with your doctor.

Hair Transplant Before and After Pictures

Hair transplants can be transformative and life-changing for those who suffer from hair loss of any degree. Although the final results of the transplant and hair growth can be different, the transformation can be dramatic.

Therefore, to give you a clear cut image of what hair transplants can look like, here are some “before and after” photos of hair transplant procedures.

Note: These before and after photos of hair transplants are taken in real-time and are not doctored or altered in any manner.


How much does a hair transplant cost in Vancouver?

The cost of hair transplantation costs in Vancouver, BC, can be anywhere from $3,000 to $50,000 on average. However, this figure can vary significantly among the clinics in the city. For the most accurate information, calling the phone number of a particular clinic is always the best.

VitalBar connects clients all over the world with leading practices in their area. To find a reputable local practice, visit the VitalBar Vancouver page to get started. Consultations are typically free as well and processed quickly.

How much does a hair transplant cost in Canada?

Hair transplant costs in Canada typically ranges from $3,500 to $175,000. In cities like Toronto and Calgary, the hair transplantation procedures can be much higher. In comparison, Broadway Vancouver and West Broadway in Vancouver offer budget-friendly options.

How much is 2,000 hair grafts?

2,000 hair grafts equate to 4000 individual hairs. Contrary to popular misconception, human hairs do not grow as a singular strand. On a healthy scalp, hairs grow in pairs of two, three, and sometimes four. These pairs of hair are called grafts. In some people, the number of hair may be more, and in some. However, the average number of hair per graft, in men and women, is two.

Is it worth getting a hair transplant?

Yes, getting a hair transplant is definitely worth it. It is especially true if you suffer from any type of hair loss. Hair loss can dampen your self-esteem in a significant manner. Not to mention the stress, it entails! Therefore undergoing a hair transplant is one of the best solutions.

Hair transplants are also the most effective treatment for hair loss in comparison to other hair loss treatments.


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