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How Artificial Intelligence will Improve Plastic Surgery

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As humanity further goes in technological advancements, we are continuously developing and creating new technologies that aid us in our everyday living. These technologies help us to have an efficient production in terms of manufacturing such as foods, products, and cosmetics. We are also using these technologies in agricultural and industrial sectors, also in transportation and most especially in terms of Medical Field.

In terms of Robotics, Artificial Intelligence is now revolutionizing the way we think about robots. We used to think that robots are just made of worthless metals that work by consuming energy. But until we discovered the idea of Artificial Intelligence, we changed our view, and interest grew upon us to further study this concept attempting to create robots that can replace and surpass human intelligence in a variety of contexts.

What Is Artificial Intelligence?

The idea and definition of Artificial Intelligence all started from Jay McCartney 1955 at Dartmouth Conference. There were previous studies related to this concept but were all not given importance until Jay McCartney initiated the interest in creating such form of intelligence.

Artificial Intelligence is a machine or a computer program that aims to mimics how the human brain works. It also learns how to accomplish a task that requires forms of intelligence that are commonly done by us, humans. Technologists and Scientists are working together to create a much more powerful artificial intelligence that could simulate real life situations and think the way humans do.

In our present technology, we haven’t yet created such complex technology, but we are on the way through on achieving it. Because AI can now automate everyday tasks, make management decisions and put together the best teams, hold and process a huge amount of data, able to converse with the customer to provide solutions to customer service issues, create algorithms to forecast growth, help in diagnosing diseases and plastic surgeries, and many more!

Advantages of Artificial Intelligence

When the idea of artificial intelligence emerged in 1950-1955, we have been long obsessed creating artificial intelligence. We strive harder and harder through time for us to answer the question coined by Alan Turing “can machines think?”. AI is not a new concept for us. We are encountering it every day unconsciously. Just by using your gadgets or riding an autopilot car, you are using artificial intelligence.

Artificial Intelligence brings us to an easier and more productive way of living and to prove it, here are some of the advantages it brings us to us.

AI is Productive

Productivity wise, artificial intelligence can help to be more productive. It is because it can do Managing referrals, Updating pieces of information, and Coordinating Schedules. Such Menial Tasks is just another burden to our loads. So imagine a computer that can do such tasks and allows yourself to focus on big-picture strategy, sounds good right?

So in terms of the workplace, AI can be very useful, unless you have a personal assistant, who doesn’t complain to do such tasks and provide you a more productive and efficient day.

Decision-Making Processes

Yes, you read it right, Artificial Intelligence can help choose the right decisions. The reason behind that is because unlike humans, AI’s are not clouded by emotions. AI can predict financial trends, analysis for rolling out a new product and help to resolve customer service issues more positively.


Have you experienced hiring an employee only to find out in the end that they do not perform well in your company?

Artificial Intelligence can identify success factors in screen job applicants to determine people who are most to predispose to do the job well. We can also personalize the process with VitalBar’s Calgary and Vancouver pages to give the customer a personalized experience just for them. AI can also aid organizations to gain a better understanding of their employees through remembering online shopping preferences and basing from other data. Thus, creating you a more comprehensive way to identify which applicants you would benefit with.

High Accuracy

Naturally, humans do errors and mistakes in their job no matter how careful they are. However, artificial intelligence can be to avoid these errors virtually. Many experts suggest that governments can use AI to avoid fraud and minimize errors in tax collections. In various areas in medical fields, AI is used to treat and diagnose diseases with almost 100 percent accuracy. Many medical organizations p[refer using AI to treat cancers from patients giving the big chance of surviving it.

Artificial intelligence is a breakthrough advancements for us. It provides good service and opens a wide variety of applications. It is also revolutionizing all industries in terms of productivity and efficiency. However, it has still disadvantages that should be aware of. Here are some of them.

Disadvantages of Artificial Intelligence

Security and Privacy

To to do its full potential function, Artificial Intelligence collects and uses a lot of information. That means that it could be Pulling or Sharing your employee or customers’ data without your permission. As of now, no one is stepping up to regulate what it can and can’t see and use. This is vital as Artificial Intelligence becomes smarter and self-reliant.

Rules and Regulations Currently Do not Apply

Ethical values do not apply to AI. It has no limits in what it can be used for, what it can control, what kinds of information it could have access to, and what to do when something goes wrong.

Challenging the Status Quo

The implementation of AI can be arduous for many organizational structures. It is a huge transition that could upset companies who has been relying on traditional practices and processes for a long time. Most of them just are not ready to switch to Artificial Intelligence and may take time before they adopt this technology. This could be true in employees and customers. How would they feel about having an AI co-worker? Or in customers, how would they react when they show up to a retail store and are helped by a robot instead of humans?

These disadvantages might give AI a negative outlook, but further experimentation and studies take place, this might be resolved in a very distant future given the fact that it continues to expand and innovate.

Artificial Intelligence in Medical Field

The application of this technology in diagnosing diseases is no new in the medical field. In facts, some of the health institutions have already adopted the technology. This is a breakthrough in the medical field because incurable diseases such as cancer and tumors are now easily detected using Artificial Intelligence with amazingly high accuracy. This leads to opening many opportunities for AI and Chance to innovate and revolutionize to improve itself.

Using AI in Plastic Surgeries

The advent of Robotics in surgery has been a great innovation in surgical operations. It becomes the extensions of the Physician’s hands that provide impressively high accuracy. The technological innovation in the field ranges from the planning of tools and software to increase automation of tasks during surgery. Precision surgical arms are designed for proper instrument precision and implantation during spinal surgery increase surgeon precision. This advancement is decreasing risks during the procedures while increasing the chance of having a positive outcome.

How will Artificial Intelligence Improve Plastic Surgery?

Research shows that the current value of the modern beauty industry is 21.2 Billion Dollars and increasing 3 percent every year.  As other industries continue to grow, will the application of AI unlock doors for “Plastic Surgery” to expand? Well, let us see.

Artificial Intelligence is gradually making its impact on the cosmetic industry. AI helps surgeons increase their precision that lead to a successful treatment of Facial deformities and Flaws.

Artificial Intelligence is a powerful tool in the cosmetic industry. It allows doctors to have access to sophisticated clinical data that helps to take specific decisions. Artificial Intelligence will make great contributions in plastic surgery as well as in reconstructive surgery. As the information and data are being accumulated, Artificial Intelligence will then analyze it and collect medical information of each patient. Through time, there will be enough information to use to provide complete details of patterns and conditions. AI will now analyze all the information to create algorithms and provide knowledge to the doctor in charge.

Artificial Intelligence could be very useful in many areas such as craniofacial surgery, aesthetic surgery, burn surgery, peripheral nerve, and hand surgery. In peripheral nerve and hand surgery, artificial intelligence can predict the success rate of human-made nerve grafts and help to create an automated controller for the patients with neuro-prostheses. Burn surgery, on the other hand, the use of AI provides an in-depth analysis of burns as well as predicting healing possibilities of burn victims.

The use of AI technology is being felt in aesthetic surgery. Artificial Intelligence can create real-life simulations to predict possible outcomes of reconstructive breast and facial surgeries. Artificial intelligence is also helping to improve craniofacial surgery. AI can detect and can diagnose possible growth defects in the skulls of infants. Further experimentation and studies are being undertaken to determine whether AI can help identify genes that are responsible for palate and cleft lips.

Truly that Artificial Intelligence is slowly dominating the trends in the beauty industry. Aside from that, it has a wide variety of applications, only that it need further studies to eliminate possible risks of using this technology. However, despite lacking enough studies, Artificial Intelligence performs well. It has been aforementioned above that it provides great help to different industries, especially in the cosmetic industry. Furthermore, the use of AI in the Medical Area creates a better way to provide excellent health care and diagnose certain diseases with high accuracy!

In terms of the application of AI in the beauty industry, there have a lot of improvements using it. With high accuracy enough to determine and predict possible outcomes, it allows surgeons to provide a more comprehensive way to treat certain deformities and flaws.

Altering ones physical appearance is not bad. Mostly if it would make you better in many ways, however, let us be reminded that true beauty starts with our smile — the cheapest and most valuable thing we could wear.

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