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Rhinoplasty Calgary: Quick Facts (Read before you get surgery)

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Rhinoplasty is a type of nose surgery. Most people that have a problem in breathing are caused by many abnormalities. In fact, it’s a big trend to do non-surgical nose surgery now. By doing rhinoplasty, they can improve their breathing. It can also make your nose the perfect appearance you want.

Before anything else, you might want to know the things that you should do before the surgery. The list below may help you to prepare yourself physically and mentally.

Things and Tips That You Should Do Before the Surgery:

  • Stop Smoking

If smoking is one of your habits, then you might want to stop it first before surgery. It may lessen the damage that may occur before, during, or even after the surgery. It can also help to heal faster and to make your recovery as safe as you want.

  • Discuss with Your Surgeon

If you discuss with your surgeon what you want and what you do not want to do with your nose, it may help you to achieve the perfect posture of your nose. Undergo a medical checkup to determine your mental condition and whether the surgery will work well for you. You should discuss the main problem with your surgeon regarding the problem you have before your surgery. Also, asking for an expert surgeon can make your surgery even safer.

  • Wear Comfortable Clothes

Wearing some clothes that makes you uncomfortable is bothering especially if you have your surgery. Try to wear comfortable clothes that can make you feel pleasant even during your surgery.

  • Do Not Drink Water Before the Day of Your Surgery

It is important to follow the regulations of the doctor, and that includes not drinking water before the day of your surgery. If you do, there is a possibility that it may cause regurgitation, which means, it can take your food into your throat.

  • Exercise

When you exercise, do normal exercise only so that your muscle and other joints can work up well even during your surgery. Avoid lifting something heavy as your exercise before and after your surgery.

Most people that undergo rhinoplasty have the possibility of damaging the other muscles along with the nose. To assure yourselves that you can have the perfect and safe surgery, go to a specialist that you trust, not just it can give you the surgery you want, but can also make your life easier.

If you undergo such an operation as rhinoplasty, you have to assure first your safety. It is important to ask for a proper surgeon that will perform your surgery to avoid accidents and other damages.

Undergoing an operation like rhinoplasty, you can encounter infections such as bleeding. Sometimes, there will be a reaction to the anesthesia that was used as your anesthesia, so you should be careful. Once the surgery is done, you may experience some difficulty with breathing, and you may also experience having a numb feeling inside and all-around your nose area.

Rhinoplasty can be done inside of your nose, depending on the problem that you have. If you want to change the posture of your nose or improve your breathing, the surgeon will likely change the bone position beneath your skin.

Performing any surgery is not easy for a doctor. It should be done, or it would cause more damage to the patient. Rhinoplasty surgery usually takes more or less two hours. If your nose problem is complicated, then it would take a long time.

The rhinoplasty can be done in two ways. Both are different, but both are safe. The two rhinoplasty surgical ways will be listed below.

Two Rhinoplasty Surgical Ways:

  • Closed Rhinoplasty

In this way, the opening will be done hidden inside the nose. Closed rhinoplasty usually required for a patient that has a nasal bridge restriction.

  • Open Rhinoplasty

Open rhinoplasty is more different than closed rhinoplasty. The opening of the nose can be done in between the area of the nostrils and the middle portion of the nose. The opening of the bridge allows the access of the lower nasal skeleton for the nasal skin to be uploaded upward.

Healing takes time when it comes to any other surgery, but the swelling is the one that you should expect when you had a rhinoplasty. When the swelling started, it would not let you from not going to work or school or even go to the place you love to go. Most of the time swelling can be visible. Usually swelling may take two weeks before it can subside completely.

After your rhinoplasty, bruising is also common just like swelling. Bruising may take about a week or even more. At first, bruising may have a deep purple color then it would automatically fade and turn into a brownish or orange color. Bruising and swelling are all part of rhinoplasty recovery.

Advantages of Having Rhinoplasty

  • Helps You Improve Your Breathing

You can fix your problems with breathing if by having a rhinoplasty. This is one of the common advantages of having a rhinoplasty.

  • Confidence

Rhinoplasty can boost your confidence even more. By having a good posture nose, you can do whatever you want and make new friends without even experiencing discrimination.

  • Prevents You from Snoring

It can help the patient to prevent snoring or better yet permanently get rid of snoring along with getting rid of sinus problems. It can be a very efficient way to treat chronic sinusitis and treat breathing problems.

  • Correct Birth Blemishes

One of the best advantages of having a nose job is that you can remove your congenital disabilities such as clefts, underdevelopment, lumps, masses this is a life-changing matter.

  • View of Career

Research had proven that the mass count of nose surgery changes a person’s point of view. It increases the level of confidence which can lead to sturdier job performance. Plus, an attractive appearance might help you to be praised and better yet promoted to a higher position.

  • Bullying

Appearance discrimination is very much popular in society especially when you look way too different from the others. Getting bullied is inevitable, and that is why parents are resorting to cosmetic surgery for their children to help their children to be free from anxiety and depression.

Do’s and Don’ts After the Surgery

  • Do Make Sure You Don’t Bum Your Nose

Always remember that when your Rhinoplasty surgery is done, it can be fragile as you think it can be. Being careful not to bump your nose is important. To prevent bumping, avoid getting into activities that include bumping of your nose.

  • Don’t Stay Under the Sun

Some people that are just fresh in surgery sometimes want to get tan or occasionally want to stay under the sun for too long, but as much as possible, avoid doing this especially if you just had a rhinoplasty.

  • Do Eat Soft Foods

Eating hard foods can trigger the anesthesia that was injected and you. Some doctors recommend eating soft foods like soup, oatmeal, and any other foods that may not trigger your anesthesia or may cause any more problems.

  • Do Not Let Your Throat Dry

After surgery, having a dry throat is common. Drink a lot of water after your surgery, but you might want to use a straw while drinking. It is better to use a straw to avoid bumping.

  • Do Not Drive

Driving can make your recovery slow.   Relaxing and not stressing yourself can help. Avoid driving and ask for someone to drive you if you want to go somewhere.

  • Do Keep Your Head Elevated While Sleeping

Not doing this can make your nose bump into something that you have in your bed. Before sleeping, it is essential that you clean your bed and make sure that no hard thing may lead your nose to bump in.

  • Do Use Cotton in Cleaning Your Nose

Using a hard fabric in cleaning your nose can cause some damage. Make sure that if you will clean your nose, use cotton that is in soft texture. Beware of kinds of cotton you buy, some cotton’s texture is not soft as you think it is so, chooses the right cotton that you can trust.

  • Brush Your Teeth Gently

Use a soft toothbrush and gently brush your teeth. You don’t have to brush your teeth harshly especially if your rhinoplasty just got done.

  • Do Not Workout

If you really love hanging out in the gym and lift some heavy things then, you should avoid doing this after your rhinoplasty surgery it can cause your nose to bleed and any other complications.

Having a nose that has a proper posture can boost more confidence in one person. It can also make a person breathe more comfortably than before. It is essential that you take good care of your nose even if your nose doesn’t go into such surgery. Having a rhinoplasty can turn your negative way of living into a positive one.  It can make a person lives to be easier and pleasant. Having a rhinoplasty can turn your negative way of living into a positive one!

Getting Rhinoplasty Plastic Surgery

If you’re interested in getting Rhinoplasty, our Vancouver site offers plastic surgery and our Calgary site does too. It’s quick to get started, and we are happy to be of assistance to everyone who wishes to change their appearance with the top plastic surgeons in their city nearby. We hope everyone can achieve the results they want through plastic surgery.

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