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Top 5 Reasons to try CoolSculpting: For the Perfect Body!

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“A moment on the lips, forever on your hips!” Stubborn fats like the ones on your thighs, tummy, and chin simply refuse to leave no matter how regularly you hit the gym or how often you diet.

Technology has brought yet another magical wand in the form of CoolSculpting. This badass will erase stubborn adipose fats in your body, sculpting out your wrong bulges.


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What is CoolSculpting? Aka cryolipolysis, CoolSculpting is a leading non-invasive procedure to reduce fat by freezing the fat cells. It does not involve any surgery or incisions.

There is no age limit for this practice, as this is not a weight loss program but a body contouring procedure.

So Why try CoolSculpting?

  1. For a Natural Summer-Ready Body
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CoolSculpting is the perfect way to do away with your love handles, flabby arms, extra fats around the buttocks, and your belly fats. No more hiding inside the water or under that kimono. After CoolSculpting you will be ready to strut your stuff with confidence.

One major reason why people are choosing to freeze away their fats is because of the natural results. Guaranteed, liposuction also gives a natural look, but its side effects include scarring and sometimes misshapen bulges. With CoolSculpting there won’t be such negative outcomes, and within a few months, you will see yourself in your desired shape.

Summer wear demand for sleeveless tops, but you need to hide your chubby arms and compromise the heat with long sleeves. After CoolSculpting, go sleeveless and flaunt those toned arms.

Give up your shapewear for good. No more tugging, wiggling and struggling to shapeshift every day. Strip down and look good in any bikini in your new sculpted body and show off your smooth skin.

  1. No Pain, No Gain
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You won’t feel any pain during the procedure, and you will definitely not gain any fats; instead, you will be losing them. Cool sculpting is a noninvasive approach to get rid of unwanted fats. The whole process will not involve any surgery or incisions whatsoever. You can relax knowing that there won’t be any cutting, injecting or any painful tools performed on you.

An applicator that looks like a big vacuum hose will use applied suction to the area with excess fat. With a gentle and careful approach, cooling plates will be placed on the target area to freeze the fats which will get damaged in the process.

The procedure will take up to 30 minutes for most areas. The frozen fat cells will eventually die, and you will begin noticing results in a few weeks. It will take a full course of three months to show the final results. The only thing you will be feeling is a gentle sucking and a slight tingling feeling. Post-treatment measures will include a thorough massage to enhance clinical results. Beauty doesn’t hurt any more with CoolSculpting!

  1. It’s Safe!
FDA Approved sign

CoolSculpting is FDA approved and is considered as one of the safest fat reduction treatments. Cryolipolysis is a safe procedure that targets only the fat cells without harming the surrounding tissues, making it a secure approach.

There are no open wounds left which usually calls for infections. With the method of freezing your fats, you won’t have to deal with infections. The procedure uses a sucking tool on the targeted area which will freeze the adipose fats that lie on the surface of your body. Within a few weeks, these dead cells will break down and get flushed out through your liver.

More than 6 million people have undergone this treatment, increasing the credibility of CoolSculpting having a high rate of satisfaction.

The technology used by CoolSculpting is comfortably safe and effective, and there is no negative residue after the treatment either. Basically, the cells will be frozen allowing them to die a natural course.

Not only did the FDA give its nod, but this noninvasive treatment is backed by many scientific and clinical studies as well.

  1. Speedy Treatment
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If you decide to get rid of fats during a lunch break, go ahead make an appointment. Let the machine do its job, and go back to work as you would normally do. As dramatically unbelievable as it may sound, the truth is, there are no discomfort or pain after the treatment with the absence of injections and any sharp tools.

Within 30-60 minutes tops, the fat freezing procedure will be over, making it convenient for you to fit an appointment on your busy schedule. With zero downtime, you can resume your normal activities immediately after treatment. Wait a few weeks to see changes, and in 2-3 months you will see final results in a well-sculpted body, ready to flaunt.

  1. It’s Cheaper.
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Usually, we have the tendency to question the quality if it is cheaper than the others. But with CoolSculpting there is a good reason why it is cheaper than other fat reduction surgeries without compromising on the quality.

Firstly, there are no complications of grafting and surgical tools except an applicator and patented gel to apply cold compression on the area and freeze your stubborn fats.

Secondly, the downtime is almost zero giving you fewer post-treatment measures which usually follows in other approaches.

Thirdly, there is no application of anesthesia which is another factor of cost in major medical treatments.

Finally, compared to SculpSure, it is 25% less expensive on average. And when you take it to comparison with liposuction, the numbers vary a lot. While liposuction may cost you about $ 3500, CoolSculpting procedures will start at $2000.

If you believe that it shouldn’t cost you a staggering amount of money to become your best self, CoolSculpting offers you satisfactory results tailored to your budget and goals.

Start feeling confident in your skin. This treatment not only enhances your body shape but also gives you a nudge to take better care of your body and health as well. The bottom line is that CoolSculpting is a safer alternative to other invasive cosmetic procedures with impressive results that show a radical fat reduction on every patient. Keep in mind that the results may vary from person to person. For more information, check out here.

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