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The Best Fillers in Calgary Guide (2021)

Lip filler in Calgary Alberta

Let’s admit it, aging sucks! It is an inevitable process where our skin starts to develop lines, wrinkles, and creases as we grow older. However, there are ways that you can delay the process even if you cannot stop it altogether. If you don’t see any results despite all your skincare routine, fillers in Calgary, Alberta treatment might be something that you need.

Facial fillers can help you eliminate those fine lines and wrinkles and give you a more youthful look. Many clinics in Calgary offer filler treatment if you are looking for one. In this article, we’ll be talking about how you can use filler in different parts of your face and where you can get them.

This procedure is an ideal option for people who want to smooth out their facial features without rhinoplasty risks. Dermal fillers come with only some mild side effects; however, the results may vary depending on the practitioner.

Lip Fillers in Calgary, Alberta

Lip filler in Calgary Alberta
Lip Fillers

Doctors usually use hyaluronic acid to increase lip volume and enhance the shape of the lips. It also gives a smooth fine line on the lips that helps you achieve younger-looking and voluptuous lips. Many celebrities also administer lip filler treatments to improve the look of their lips.

  • Cost of Lip Fillers

The cost of Calgary lip injections depends on the amount of syringe you use. So, the cost will be higher if you want to use more syringes. However, the average cost of one lip injection Calgary syringe is around $500 and $800 depending on the product and doctors.

  • Is it safe to get lip fillers?

Lip filler treatment is generally very safe. However, there can be some mild effects after a lip filler treatment such as swelling and bruises. But if you get it done by some well trained and experienced doctors, the possibility of side effects is very low.

  • How long does lip filler last?

The injection site may take roughly a day or two to heal, but the soreness and bruises can last for up to a week.

If done by an experienced dermatologist, lip fillers will usually last for about four months up to a year. If you want to maintain the best results, you must go for regular treatments. Book through VitalBar to ensure you get a licensed dermatologist.

Dermal Fillers Calgary

forehead dermal filler
Forehead Dermal Filler

Dermal fillers are tiny gel injections made of hyaluronic acid to eliminate lines and wrinkles on your face. These facial fillers add volume to the facial tissues and also make the skin look plump.

The dermal filler treatment can make you look much younger by restoring the lost volume on your face. It also provides a soft lift to your skin, making it look healthier and younger.

Dermal filler treatment can also improve the appearance of scars and deep wrinkles to help you achieve natural-looking skin. For those in Canada but based out of Vancouver, British Columbia, check out this article.

  • Cost of dermal fillers

The cost of dermal fillers in Calgary may vary from one doctor to another. It can also depend on the area you want to get treated and the severity of your skin issues. On average, one vial of dermal filler will cost around $600 to $800. You may need about 2 to 4 injections per visit, so the treatment can cost anywhere from $1200 to $3600.

  • Is it safe to get dermal fillers?

Dermal fillers are actually quite safe since hyaluronic acid is a naturally occurring element of the skin. However, there are some possibilities to experience slight side effects from dermal fillers. You could experience numbness and swell around the injection site. There could also be some slight bruising and tenderness as well.

To avoid the side effects, visit some experienced cosmetologist who will give you the right treatment based on your skin.

  • How long does dermal filler last?

Dermal filler injections will usually last from three months up to two years. It mostly depends on the type of products you use and the area where it’s used. For the best results, you’ll need to keep going for regular treatment.

Nose Fillers

nose injection filler
Nose injection filler

Nose fillers usually use the same ingredients as a dermal filler to improve the shape of your nose. The doctors inject hyaluronic acid under your nose to create smoother lines by bringing back lost volume.

Once you get your nose dermal fillers, you will have a less angular nose with no bumps.

  • Cost of Nose Fillers

The cost of nose filler depends on what type of filler you choose, how many injections you need, and the doctor you go to.

Normally, you can expect nose fillers in Calgary to cost anywhere from $600 up to $1500.

  • Is it safe to get nose fillers?

People who get nose fillers in Calgary only experienced some slight redness and sensitivity around the area of injection. These side effects only last for about a couple of days.

Some other side effects you might experience are bruises, swelling, and nausea. However, you won’t find any serious side effects since hyaluronic acid in dermal fillers is a natural substance.

  • How long does nose filler last?

Nose filler typically lasts for about six to nine months. However, it can also last longer, depending on the product you choose. Since hyaluronic acid is a naturally occurring substance, your body will metabolize the filler after some time. If you want to maintain the looks of your nose, you’ll have to keep visiting your doctor every six to twelve months.

Under Eye Fillers

fillers for under eye
Many people opt for fillers under the eye to reduce the appearance of aging.

Under-eye fillers are a great option to get rid of dark circles and to smoothen the skin around the eye. It also helps restore lost volume to give you a more youthful appearance.

  • Cost of under-eye fillers?

Under-eye fillers in Calgary usually cost around $600 per injection. So if you need more than one injection, your treatment will naturally cost more.

However, a lot of things go into determining the price, such as location, doctor, and type of filler. So it is best to consult a doctor that specializes in facial fillers before you book an appointment.

  • Is it safe to get under eye fillers?

Eye fillers are usually very safe, with little to no side effects. The side effects you might experience are only slight numbness and sensitivity,

However, since your eyes are very delicate, you might want to find an experienced doctor for your treatment. For better results, you can also add Botox Calgary treatment.

Once you get your eye fillers, the swelling and bruises will only take around one to three days to recover.

  • How long does under-eye filler last?

Hyaluronic acid under-eye filler will typically last for around nine months to a year. However, calcium hydroxylapatite will last for a year to 18 months, and poly-l-lactic acid will last for as long as two years.

For hyaluronic acid, you will have to visit the doctor more regularly since it does not last as long as the others.

Cheek Fillers

cheek filler
Cheek injection

Dermal fillers for cheeks are a great way to get structured and contoured cheekbones. These facial fillers not only makes your cheek look firm but also makes you look much younger by softening the wrinkles and lines on your cheeks.

  • Cost of Cheek Fillers 

The exact price of cheek filler can depend on the practitioner, the product you want, and how much filler you want. Considering all these factors, the average cost of cheek filler injections in Calgary will be around $1000 up to $4000 for an average-sized face.

  • Is it safe to get cheek fillers?

Like all dermal fillers, cheek filler treatment is also very safe as long as the practitioner is highly trained and experienced.

  • How long does cheek filler last?

The average cheek filler results will last about a year to 18 months. This duration of the end results also depends on your choice of product. The filler can last longer in some patients, while it may wear off faster in others.

Chin Fillers in Calgary Alberta

Fillers for Chin
Fillers for Chin in Calgary

Chin fillers can be your answer to a weak jawline and chin. They can help you achieve a more defined jawline and enhance your facial appearance.

There’s no denying that your chin plays an important role in your facial features. However, as you age, your chin may start to weaken. Hence, a chin filler treatment can be your best bet.

  • Cost of chin fillers

The cost of chin filler treatment in Calgary, AB, is around $1,500 to $3,000. However, the cost of the treatment depends on the practitioner, the number of injections you need, and the type of product.

  • Is it safe to get chin fillers?

Chin filler treatment is generally very safe and simple. You might experience some slight bruising and swelling, but that’s about it. So if you’re planning to get one, you can just go ahead with it.

  • How long do chin fillers last?

Chin fillers usually last for about nine months to a year. However, it can also vary from person to person. It can even last up to 2 years for some people.

Best Place to get Fillers in Calgary, Alberta

Once you’ve decided to get fillers, the next thing you have to do is look for the best place where you can get them. Lucky for you, Calgary has some amazing cosmetic clinics that will provide you with the best filler treatment in the country. We can connect you to the best fillers in Calgary through our PlasticSpot website, where we arrange your first consultation and booking for a professional who is right for you. Click here to find out more. It’s quick and simple.

If you don’t want to use VitalBar’s booking system no worries. Check out this quick list below:

  1. Frida Beauty Bar

Frida Beauty Bar is one of the best places to get dermal fillers in Calgary, AB. The owner, Dr. Kimber Elise, is a highly trained nurse injector with a specialization in juvéderm and Botox. So besides filler, if you also want to get Botox in Calgary, Dr. Kimber Elise should be the one for you.

The clinic consists of a team of highly trained professional women who seek to help individuals feel their best.

  1. Westside Laser & Light 

Dr. Sean Carson, a highly trained and experienced filler specialist, heads the Westside Laser & Light clinic in Calgary, AB. The clinic ensures the best filler treatment with the help of the most advanced technology you will find in the world.

They also aim to provide the newest technology for anti-aging treatments along with their skincare products.

  1. Perfexion Skin Care 

The head of the Perfexion Skin Care in Calgary, Dr. T. Wayne Sefick, is a devoted skin care specialist who aims to improve and enhance the confidence and physical appearance of his patients.

The clinic consists of professional doctors with more than 25 years of experience altogether. They are no doubt one of the best filler treatment clinics in the city.

  1. Vive Rejuvenation

Dr. Wendy Tink is a family physician who leads the Vive Rejuvenation clinic. She and her team of highly qualified medical staff work to provide the safest and most appropriate treatment for skin rejuvenation treatment.

Not everyone has the same skin type, and the results may vary from person to person. So with that in mind, the team in Vive Rejuvenation aims to provide customized skin treatments along with filler treatments.

  1. Plastic and Dermatologic Surgery

The head of Plastic and Dermatologic Surgery Dr. Jeffery Dawes is a certified plastic surgeon who specializes in treatments for skin cancer, facial surgery, skin rejuvenation, and facial reconstruction.

With a team of the amazing staff, Dr. Dawes provides one of the best facial and skin treatments in the country. He also deals with facial trauma, breast reconstruction, and several microsurgeries.


1.    What is the cost of fillers in Canada?

The average price of the injectable filler in Canada is around $600 to $800. But an average person will usually require more than two vials per treatment.

2.    What is soft lift treatment?

Soft lift is a type of cosmetic treatment that emerged some years back. This treatment uses a combination of Botox and Juvederm to improve facial balance. The treatment results in smoother lines, restored volume, and enhanced contours.

3.    What areas can you use dermal fillers for?

You can use dermal fillers for lips, nose, under eye, chin, and cheeks. For the best results, try to inject the targeted areas regularly.

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