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Celebrities and Plastic Surgery

More than ever, celebrities are under pressure to look their best. They achieve their looks through any means, including plastic surgery.

Plastic surgery is a part of surgery that is used to reconstruct and repair damaged or missing tissue and skin. Cosmetic surgery, on the other hand, is carried out to change a healthy person’s look to a more desirable appearance. The main aim of performing plastic surgery is to restore and reinstate the function of skin and tissues back and close to normal as possible. The secondary aim of plastic surgery is to improve the appearance of the body parts. This secondary aim is the main reason why most celebrities undergo plastic surgery. Plastic surgery is done mostly to boost a person’s confidence, self-esteem, and overall quality of life.

Celebrities and Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery is used to repair:

  • extensive burns or other serious injuries
  • areas damaged by the removal of tissues (cancerous) such as from breast or face
  • abnormalities that have existed from birth like webbed fingers, cleft lip and palate, and birthmarks

Popular Celebrities who have gotten Plastic Surgery

More than ever, celebrities are under pressure to look their best. They achieve their looks through any means, including plastic surgery.
More than ever, celebrities are under pressure to look their best. They achieve their looks through any means, including plastic surgery.

Despite the risks attached to plastic surgery like pain and discomfort, scarring, bleeding, and infection, most celebrities cannot stop undergoing different surgery to look more beautiful. Some of the popular celebrities that have done one plastic surgery or the other are listed below:

Ashlee Simpson – Ashlee, a well-known singer, is one of the popular celebrities who has done plastic surgery right. She has swapped her large Roman nose for a more slimmer and straight nose. She got a more beautiful appearance after the plastic surgery is done with her new pointed nose amplifying her beauty. She does not like talking about the rhinoplasty but we have a feeling that she was forced to alter her appearance due to her sister’s fame.

Ashlee Simpson Transformation 2006-2017
Ashlee’s changes over the years. Source

Chrissy Teigen – Teigen had once told Refinery29 in May 2017 about her plastic surgery. She had an armpit sucked out about nine years ago and she loved it. Although, this is a big secret she doesn’t care. “I had had two inches to my armpit and I have to pay for liposuction again” – Teigen. This was so easy and it made me feel more confident and better in dresses. Even though it was the dumbest and stupidest thing I’ve ever done but I have no regrets and I love my new shape.

Cardi B – Cardi B is a 2017 breakout rapper who is very proud of her choice to perform diverse plastic surgery treatments in the past. Cardi B has admitted to getting illegal injections in her butt in addition to a breast augmentation she had done in the past. However, Cardi B had said that in order to get lipo, which is a situation whereby they transfer fat in your ass to make it bigger, you need to have fat. She did not have that type of fat and she was desperate to have a bigger ass; that is why she is having illegal injections in her butt.

Cardi B. Beautiful pink outfit
Cardi B. posing in a beautiful pink outfit. Source

Kate Hudson – She is the daughter of Bill Hudson and Goldie Hawn and she has always been moving around with her natural beauty. Even though she loves her natural beauty, she went under the knife to perform breast implants, boosting her cups to display a fuller, rounder look. In addition to this, she is said to have undergone a rhinoplasty because her nose is looking a lot thinner and sharper over the years. No matter, how she is looking and feeling great.

Iggy Azalea – Azalea never hides the fact that she had undergone another breast augmentation. She always brags about them because she loves them so much. She believed that it is better not to have any secret than to start worrying about somebody having to dig something up. In addition, she also got a nose job in 2016 – she said this while wishing her plastic surgeon, Dr. Ashkan Ghavami happy birthday on Instagram.

Kelly Rowland – Kelly had undergone breast implants making them going from an A cup to a B cup. The Destiny’s Child alum said she felt “complete” and was so happy after the plastic surgery. “I don’t like talking about it but I love my new shape and that’s all that counts”, she said. In addition, she said she had to do that after breastfeeding her baby and because more work is in her future.

Kaley Cuoco – Cuoco said she made the best decision about her breast enhancement when she was 18 years old. “I feel more confident in my body with my implants and it was the best thing I have ever had”, she said. The surgery was not about wanting to look hot and sexy or trying to be a porn star. In addition to the breast enhancement, she also did a filler in a line in her neck and copped to a nose job.

Dianna Agron – Agron, after breaking her nose twice, had a nose job to restore the nose back to normal (she revealed to David Letterman). Once while she was filming a Glee concert tour and second when she has punched accidentally at a high-school party. She had to get the nose fixed through a nose job.

Tyra Banks – America’s Next Top Model host believed that it is unfair to walk around with natural beauty and that she feels uncomfortable when naturally looking women judge women who do anything to themselves. “I once had bones that were growing and itching in my nose. Even though I was breathing fine, I had to add cosmetic surgery.” Now I feel great with my new nose.

Ariel Winter – Winter got a breast reduction when she was 17; reducing her breast from a 32F to a 34D. Some of her reasons for the reduction include not being able to get clothes that fit her well, chronic back pain while walking and having to hide her chest while performing a show. She said she could not explain the feeling after the surgery. I was crying while putting on some new clothes because I was so happy. The breast reduction got me to feel relieved, excited, and just like a new person. I feel like this is how I was supposed to be.

There’s certainly a lot of celebrities who have undergone an operation, leading to an unrealistic expectation for the common person who browses magazines and sees Instagram ads with near-perfect beauties. Fortunately, PlasticSpot is helping people change that by allowing everyone to get the same access to beauty as celebs do. If you live in the Vancouver, British Columbia area, Calgary, Alberta, or Toronto, Ontario, we have plastic surgeons close to you already listed on our service. Check it out!

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