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Getting Dermal Fillers in Vancouver (New Awesome Guide!)

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Aging is an inevitable process, but you can delay the aging process by injecting dermal fillers under your skin. There are many clinics in Vancouver that offer dermal fillers to improve the signs of aging. Dermal fillers are injected beneath the facial skin to add volume and smooth fine lines and wrinkles.

Dermal fillers are small injections made up of hyaluronic acids. They occur naturally in the body, which is why there are very few chances of allergic reactions. The best part about using hyaluronic acid filler is that you can reverse the effect if you do not like the new look after the procedure. They can be injected into different facial areas – under the eyes, cheeks, chin, lips, and face to restore the lost volume caused by aging skin.

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Dermal fillers cause few risks. It is normal to experience some redness and swelling at the injection site, which will subside after a few days.

Dermal Fillers for Face in Vancouver

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Dermal facial fillers are used to inject on the face to help diminish fine lines and wrinkles. These tiny gel injections are composed of hyaluronic acid that adds volume to facial tissues and helps plump up the skin.

The dermal facial filler is a simple treatment that can take years off your face. They restore lost volume, lift your skin, and make you look younger and healthier.

Dermal fillers can smooth the look of scars on the face and fill in deep wrinkles. Wrinkles are caused by loss of collagen, which depletes naturally with age. Years of exposure to the sun and certain lifestyle habits also lead to aging skin.

Dermal fillers are injected into specific problem areas on the face. Different types of dermal fillers are available for various purposes. Facial fillers can be injected into parts of the face that has lost volume, resulting in deep wrinkles and sagging. These dermal fillers create younger and much healthier-looking skin.

Some of the well-known dermal fillers are as follows –

  1. Juvederm facial filler – Juvederm occurs naturally in the skin that adds to its volume and moisture. It is made up of hyaluronic gel that helps in correcting light to deep wrinkles on the face, add volume to aging skin.
  2. Restylane facial filler – Restylane is a biodegradable gel, also made up of hyaluronic acid. This dermal filler adds volume and smoothes fine lines and wrinkles near the mouth areas and eyes.

There are several dermal filler products approved by the FDA. Dermal fillers are categorized according to the substance it contains.

Hyaluronic Acid (HA)

Hyaluronic acid occurs naturally in the skin and helps in keeping your skin hydrated. This soft and gel-like filler is injected into the skin to add volume and minimize scars and wrinkles. The results last for about six months to a year, and the particles are slowly broken down over time.

Calcium Hydroxylapatite (Radiesse) 

Calcium Hydroxylapatite (CaHA or Radiesse) is another substance that occurs naturally in the bones that are also used as a dermal filler. It is thicker in consistency when compared with hyaluronic acid, and its effect is supposed to last longer on the skin. Calcium Hydroxylapatite (CaHA), when used as a dermal filler, is believed to help in stimulating the production of natural collagen in the body. For this reason, it is used to treat deep lines and wrinkles on aging skin.

Side Effects of Filler

It is possible to experience some common side effects after the treatment. There could be swelling or numbness, mild tenderness, or slight bruising on the injection site.

If you would like to get dermal filler, you could find an experienced cosmetologist or skin surgeon in Vancouver to get the right treatment depending on your skin problem.

Fillers for Lips in Vancouver

lip filler vancouver

Hyaluronic acid fillers are used to enhance the lip volume and shape of the lips. It can also help smooth fine lines on the lips and achieve younger and voluptuous looking lips. Many celebrities have administered lip filler treatment for a more luscious look.

Lip Fillers Cost

Lip fillers could cost between $500 to $2,000, depending upon the location and the surgeon who is administering the filler. Though the average cost could be anywhere around $600.

Lip Fillers: Before and After

It’s best to consult your plastic surgeon regarding his/her previous work to see what your results will look like for lip fillers. This is because every plastic surgeon will have slightly varying results. To choose a high quality plastic surgeon for your consultation, visit our portal here. If you live in or near Vancouver, click here.

Are Lip Fillers Safe?

There are some mild side effects associated with lip filler treatments. There could be swelling or bruising at the site of injection. If done by an experienced surgeon, the possibility of serious complications is very rare.

How long do Lip Fillers last?

When lip fillers are injected by an experienced doctor, they can last for a period of four months to a year. But treatments must be maintained at regular intervals for best results.

The recovery period may take a day for the injection site to heal well though some bruises or soreness can stay for a week or so on. There can be minor reactions at the site of injection in rare cases. So, it is recommended to observe the injection site for at least two weeks.

Fillers for Under Eyes (Tear Trough) in Vancouver

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Tear trough or under eye fillers are injected under to eyes to get rid of dark circles, and to smooth the area around the eyes. The fillers help to replace lost volume under the eyes and make them more look more restful and youthful.

Under Eye Fillers Cost

The cost of tear trough fillers may vary depending on the doctor, the location, and the type of filler that is administered. But the average cost may come to around $2000, according to Cosmedica Canada.

Under Eye Fillers: Before and After

It’s best to consult your plastic surgeon regarding his/her previous work to see what your results will look like for under eye fillers. This is because every plastic surgeon will have slightly varying results. To choose a high quality plastic surgeon for your consultation, visit our portal here. If you live in or near Vancouver, click here.

Are Under Eye Fillers Safe?

Eye fillers are safe if an experienced cosmetic doctor administers them. It is one of the risky areas on the face to inject as it is very close to the eyes.

How Long Does Under Eye Fillers Last?

The effect of eye filler can last for up to six to nine months. Sometimes, the fillers can even last longer, especially if they are injected subsequently.

The Recovery Period

Recovery can take about 1-3 days only. There can be swelling or bruising at the injection site, but they will fade out in a few days. You can go back to your daily routine right after the treatment, but the doctor will advise you to avoid stress-related activities.

Fillers for Cheek in Vancouver, BC

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Dermal fillers for cheeks are designed to add contour and structure to cheekbones. They make your cheeks firm and add years to your face while also softening lines and wrinkles on the cheeks.

Cost of Cheek Fillers

The cost of cheek fillers depends on the level of experience of the cosmetic surgeon who is doing the needlework. And also, the price could vary depending upon how much fillers are used to plump the cheeks. On average, the total cost could go up to $ 1,000 and $ 4,000 for a medium-sized face.

Cheek Fillers: Before and After

It’s best to consult your plastic surgeon regarding his/her previous work to see what your results will look like for cheek fillers. This is because every plastic surgeon will have slightly varying results. To choose a high quality plastic surgeon for your consultation, visit our portal here. If you live in or near Vancouver, click here.

Are Cheek Fillers Safe?

Like all dermal fillers, cheek fillers are also safe if it is done in the hands of an experienced practitioner. Choosing an experienced and reputed doctor is very important to get the right look. A tiny mistake may prove disastrous for your face.

How long will Cheek Fillers last?

The cheek fillers can last anywhere from one to one and a half years. It also depends on the type of fillers used. It may last longer in some people, while the effect may wear off sooner in some people.

Healing Time

Typically, there will be some minor swelling for a few days after the filler is injected. Most of the swelling will go off in a few days so that you can return to work in the first couple of days.

Fillers in the Chin in Vancouver, BC

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Chin fillers are used to enhance the look of the chin area. Aging causes the jawline to weaken, resulting in loss of volume. This is caused by a natural decline in bone and muscle mass.

One of the best ways to shape the chin area is by using dermal fillers on the chin. Chin fillers can give a more defined and structured chin area. It can enhance the facial appearance by providing a more balanced and defined look.

Chin Fillers Cost

The cost of chin fillers may vary, depending upon the location and the cosmetic doctor who will be administering the injection. Chin filler may cost anywhere from $ 1,500 to $ 3,000.

Chin Fillers: Before and After

It’s best to consult your plastic surgeon regarding his/her previous work to see what your results will look like for chin fillers. This is because every plastic surgeon will have slightly varying results. To choose a high quality plastic surgeon for your consultation, visit our portal here. If you live in or near Vancouver, click here.

Are Chin Fillers Safe?

Chin fillers are safely used on the chin for a structured look. There can be possible mild swelling and bruising in the area of injection. This bruising will subside after a few days.

How Long Do Chin Fillers Last?

How long the chin fillers will last depends on different individuals. For some people, it may last for 9-12 months, while it can last for 1.5 to 2 years in some people. And it remains much longer in some people, depending on the time the substance will take to break down in the body.

Healing Time

The patient can feel numb right after the treatment. In some cases, there can be swelling at the site of injection, but it will disappear soon. In rare cases, there can be some bruising, but this will also go quickly.

Fillers for Nasolabial Folds

deep nasolabial folds

The nasolabial fold is the deep line that runs from both sides of the nose towards the mouth. As we age, this line becomes more prominent due to the loss of fat and volume from the cheeks. Also called the laughter lines, these lines become more profound as we smile or laugh too often.

These nasolabial folds can be reversed to some extent with the help of dermal fillers. They are injected into nearby areas to restore the lost volume and soften the wrinkles around the mouth. The dermal fillers around the nasolabial folds leave your skin looking smooth and much younger.

Cost of Nasolabial Fillers

The cost of nasolabial fillers can cost approximately $550, according to Cosmedica Canada.

Nasolabial Folds: Before and After

It’s best to consult your plastic surgeon regarding his/her previous work to see what your results will look like for nasolabial folds fillers. This is because every plastic surgeon will have slightly varying results. To choose a high quality plastic surgeon for your consultation, visit our portal here. If you live in or near Vancouver, click here.

Are Nasolabial Fold Fillers Safe?

All dermal fillers are generally safe to use on facial areas of the skin. But one of the risky areas for injecting dermal fillers is the nasolabial fold as the facial artery runs in this zone. If the dermal filler is administered into an artery, it can block the supply of oxygenated blood to the skin, or it can move up towards the eye retina and cause blindness. Therefore, it is essential to be treated by an experienced doctor for the dermal filler procedure in this zone.

How Long Do Nasolabial Fold Fillers Last?

The hyaluronic acid used in dermal fillers for nasolabial folds can be broken down over time. How long the filler will last depends on different individuals. The effect can last for one and a half to over two years, while in some cases, it can last much longer.

Doctors recommend repeating the dermal filler treatment on nasolabial folds before the first signs of decline so that you can enjoy a more youthful appearance.

Healing Time

Like all dermal fillers, the recovery period for nasolabial fold filler is immediate.

Dermal Fillers in Vancouver

As we age, our skin loses its elasticity and collagen, resulting in fine lines and wrinkles. Thankfully, we have derma fillers to help restore lost volume and improve lines and wrinkles. Many Canadians are now choosing to go for dermal fillers to get that youthful glow again.

There are many cosmetic clinics in Vancouver, offering the best services in dermal fillers by experienced plastic surgeons. When you choose to do dermal fillers, it is essential to select a skilled dermatologist. Take the time to research thoroughly and look out for an experienced physician and someone who has a good reputation for his works. The result of the treatment depends wholly on the skill and experience of the dermatologist. Therefore, always go for a board-certified dermatologist who is well-trained and qualified to administer the injection.

In the last few years, cosmetic procedures like Botox and dermal fillers have gained much popularity, especially among young women in their twenties to even older women in their forties. The trend is most likely to continue or may become even more popular as dermal fillers fit the right bill to counter aging skin in both men and women. A simple procedure like a dermal filler falls right between a complicated facelift and an anti-wrinkle cream. So, if given a choice, most women would choose dermal filler as an anti-aging alternative over a facelift or a wrinkle cream. Many Canadian women consider getting injectables like Botox or dermal fillers similar to simple procedures like hair coloring or even dental procedures.

Dermal fillers, made of animal collagen were first introduced in the early eighties. A patch test was a requisite as it could cause allergic reactions in some patients. Over the years, these collagen fillers have paved the way for new formulations like hyaluronic acid that occur naturally in the skin. So, there are more or less no chances of allergic reactions.

Choosing a Doctor/Plastic Surgeon for Fillers

If you have decided to go for dermal filler, the next step is choosing the right professional for the job. There are so many plastic surgeons around Vancouver that it is not easy to make the right choice. To help you make the right decision for your skin, we have the VitalBar, which handpicks the top plastic surgeons in the nearest city where you live.

VitalBar is an online wizard that helps you choose the right professional for your skin job. The site offers the best options of plastic surgeons for you in Vancouver and other states. They help you choose the right clinics that are available nearest to your location. The site makes all the reviews and specialties available for you, so you can make an informed decision before choosing the right clinic and right surgeon for you.

VitalBar is a transparent portal that makes all the information available to you online. You can find all the doctor’s information, credentials, and business details on their site.

The site saves you the trouble of finding the right skin doctor for you. All the information is made available to you at the click of a mouse. All your search ends here to find the right surgeon. So, go ahead and pick the best doctor that suits your needs and transform your look. Once you choose the right procedure in Vancouver, you can book an appointment online right here for Vancouver on and when it is done, you can go ahead with the next steps to get your dermal filler done.

Making sure you have a high-quality surgeon with excellent experience and a flawless reputation is vital. Your look depends on his/her work experience, so choose the best one. A tiny mistake can prove disastrous for your face, so it is essential not to compromise on the quality of the doctor’s work experience.

Before the Consultation and Procedure

As discussed above, after you have picked the right plastic surgeon with good experience through the online portal here, the next step is getting ready for consultation with the physicians.

When you meet your doctors for consultation, do not hesitate to ask about their previous works. If they have a record of pictures that were taken before or after the treatment, feel free to ask for them and have a look. The experience of the doctor will be reflected in the pictures. So, take a close look at the work done by the doctor and enquire if there were any complications and what to expect from the procedure.

You can get your picture of how you would like to look after the treatment. This will give an idea to the doctor about the kind of changes that you are looking at. You can even use some technology to understand your future look. You can upload your pictures online and discuss them with your doctor about the changes you want on your face. This way, you can get an idea of how you will look like after the procedure is complete.

Sit and discuss with your doctor about your expectations and result. Recovery time may vary according to different individuals and also, depending on the type of filler used. Most patients can resume their normal activities immediately after the procedure. But it is generally recommended to rest and avoid all physical activity for the next couple of days. This is done to reduce any swelling or bruising after the treatment. Also, discuss your schedule for the next few days after your procedure.

If you are taking any medication before the treatment, do let your doctor know about it. Avoid all kinds of blood thinners before the procedure. Discuss with your doctor if you are on any of these medications like aspirin, ibuprofen, Motrin, ginkgo Biloba, ginseng, flax oil, cod liver oil, fish oil, vitamin A, and vitamin E, and other essential fatty acids. All these medicines should be stopped a week before the procedure and discontinue use for the next 3-5 days after the treatment.

Post-Dermal Filler Procedure

After the procedure, you can expect some swelling or bruising at the injection site. There can be some numbness, or lumps at the filler site. In some rare cases, there can be allergic reactions that may require more aggressive treatment. Most of the side effects can be alleviated with ice packs or massage, and they can be healed in a few days.

Dermal fillers can last for about four months to 3 years, depending on the type of filler used. When the particles are broken down, the effect will eventually wear off, but you can extend the anti-aging effect by going for regular maintenance filler. This way, you will continue to look younger for longer periods of time.

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