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What is V Line Surgery? (Reviewed)

V Line Surgery originated in Korea

V Line surgery is immensely popular in Asia. What exactly is this V-Line surgery though? In the 21st Century, humans have been able to use modern medication and technology to redefine their looks. The concept of CoolSculpting, Botox, Liposuction, Forehead lift, Otoplasty, Hair Transplantation, Rhinoplasty, Lip augmentation, etc. have become common among people of different ages. These days cosmetic plastic surgery is not a hush-hush matter anymore and has become even common among celebrities

Many consider cosmetic surgery to be a gift in disguise to correct what nature could not help. However, some people take altering looks to a whole new level by overdoing it. It is not a crime to get cosmetic surgery to enhance a few lifts and tugs on the body. But abusing it results in dangerous complications and sometimes even become life-threatening. 

What is V Line Surgery?

V Line Surgery Korean
V Line Surgery. Source

V Line surgery is a popular cosmetic medical procedure that aims to alter the shape of the jawline. It reduces the size and position of the jaw to make it more sleek and elegant. Sliding Genioplasty occurs at the same time, which is the surgery to get the chin in shape by moving it forward or back depending on the desired look. 

The main objective of the surgery is to shape the jaw angles, mandible bone, the chin, and lower face. Initially, many South Asian surgeons used the term Asian V Line surgery today, both names are popular.

Who can get or is eligible for V Line Surgery?

Usually, people who undergo V Line surgery are victims of trauma or accident and need facial reconstruction. However, with time, it has become a raging trend in the world today. 

Other reasons for getting the procedure are for people who have extreme masculine jaw shape as women. It also includes the people who have bloated or chubby cheeks, double chin, an overly square jaw, a U-shaped jaw, etc. Apart from a medical emergency and the need to curb natures work, some people go through the surgery to look attractive or become obsessed with it.

Choosing V Line Surgery

Apart from the essential motive for choosing the V Line method, there are other vague reasons as well. The need to have a slender and perfectly shaped face leads people to opt for the surgery. According to experts, such operations were not necessary, but people wanting to add more enhancement to their face or driven with the need to follow the trend choose it.

Advantages and risks of V Line Surgery

There are potential risks in any operation, and it is crucial to make sure that the provider of such services has certified credentials. The past is indicative of the fact that there have been many disastrous cosmetic surgeries that went wrong. It has left many people looking like a monster or hide their face in shame. In some cases, it has even led to life-threatening consequences.

Nevertheless, people still choose to go through the procedure. So, it is crucial to know the various advantages and risks associated with the V Line surgery.


  1. As the surgery suggests, it will decrease the masculine thick chin and replace it with a more feminine curve that represents an oval-shaped face.
  2. People with an extra or double chin can expect the removal of it through the surgery, which will result in shortening and reduction of the jaw.
  3. The V Line procedure is functional in reducing the ratio and length of the lower face.
  4. Based on the requirements of the patient, the surgeon shapes the chin to resemble a rounded corn shape or “V” shape, which gives the face a more feminine look.
  5. The surgery is efficient in improving the appearance of a square-shaped or broad face.
  6. The permanency of the operation suggests that the patient can maintain the desired look all their life as long as it turned out good.
  7. The V Line Surgery is by far the only possible way of entirely reshaping and softening the jawline. So now, people who are apprehensive about it can easily opt for it as there is no other way.


  1. After the surgery, a patient can experience interim or lasting paralysis on the chin or lower lip area.
  2. After getting the surgery, there is no going back as it is irreparable.
  3. There are inherent risks like loosening of the skin, which in most cases is responsible for the final result of the surgery becoming something else than the targeted look.
  4. The surgery involves cutting portions of bones to give the face a shorter look. Such patients suffer bone deterioration because of the large bone removal, which leads to withdrawal or retraction of the chin in the future.
  5. There is a lot at stack with procedures like the V Line as the results are permanent. In many cases, if the surgery is unsatisfactory or the patient is not happy with the result, the only way to correct it is to go through another process to fix it. In some cases, even a total of multiple surgeries cannot correct the mistake, which leads to physical and mental suffering due to the shame of facing society with a distorted face.
  6. Recovery from the surgery is another painful period that the patient has to go through.
  7. Further risks involved are difficulty eating, nerve injury, jaw joint pains, blood loss, difficulty with bite fit, the sinking of the jaw to the original position, jaw fracture, etc.

Cost of V Line Surgery

Every location or area has its specific price range when it comes to the cost of V Line surgery. The factors that decide the price range of a V Line surgery are:

  • Geographical location – Different areas have separate charges for a V Line surgery. Korea is like the capital of plastic surgery in recent years with numerous nose jobs, and eye lift surgeries are happening in a single day. 
  • The success of the surgery depends on the expertise of the surgeon, so it is crucial to contact duly certified experts. The cost of the procedure is also dependent on the surgeon’s skill.
  • The type of surgeries undertaken is another primary reason for the changes in the cost. The deciding amount is dependent on the type of material used, precision-made on the bones, the number of operations, etc. 

It is, therefore, essential to read reviews and take advice from people who have already been through the V Line surgery. Since the procedure is permanent, it is advisable to have the surgery done from an experienced and commendable surgeon.

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